Saturday Review: Ashwalk Pilgrim

I started this a little late today, but it is still before midnight my time, so it still counts as Saturday, and it is time for a review.

Today’s book is Ashwalk Pilgrim (Unbreakable Iron, #1) by A.B. Bradley.

I gave it 4 stars.

It was okay. There were a few formatting issues in the issue I read last year. The characters were alright, but didn’t feel like they grew over the course of the story, and the villains were just evil for evil’s sake, it seemed.

I choose this book for the beautiful cover, but that has changed since I read it.

I did not feel the urge to read book two.

Overall, not bad, but not really to my taste. Others may like it well enough, and the ending is very good. It is worth it to finish the book, if you do find yourself dragging at times in the middle.

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