The Coven of Steam and Lightning

Kindle Vella Episodes

I have a new project I am working on for you! It has Fae, magic, and a mysterious stranger falling out of the sky to save a woman in distress, all wrapped up in a gaslamp/western backdrop.

Kindle has a new platform called Vella that will be live in July. It is designed for reading on your phone in small bursts. Since I already plot stories episodically, this could be really great! Each installment has an upper word count limit of 5000.

I am still working on what my release schedule will be, but for now I am looking at releasing a new episode of 4000-5000 words every week. My outline so far is twenty episodes, so that should be the equivalent of about a 400+ page novel.

Ideally, this will be just the first installment of a four part series (quartet? quadrilogy? tetralogy?) which is tentatively called The Four Coven of the Fae. This first one will be called (again, tentatively…) The Coven of Steam and Lightning.

As I have updates for episode titles, publishing dates, cover artwork, and anything else, I will share them.

This story has been kicking around in my skull now for about a year. I look forward to finally sharing it with you!

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