Welcome, Howdy, Nice To See You!

My name is Richelle Sepulveda. I am a writer living in the Pacific Northwest with my husband of 20+ years and our dogs, and, sometimes, our kids. I will have a new blog post up each Tuesday. If you want to sign up for my newsletter/reader group (or whatever I am calling it now!) for freebies, special offers, and other stuff, click here.

My blog: Tuesday Thoughts & Musings

My book reviews: Saturday Book Reviews

(Not reviews of my books, rather my reviews of other books.)

My rating score for book reviews:

5 stars – I liked it enough I will read the sequel!

4 stars – I liked it, but not enough to read the sequel.

3 stars – It is not really to my taste, but if flowed well enough I could still finish it without difficulty.

2 stars – It was rough read, either the story was poorly executed, or the grammar and spelling issues pulled me out of the story. I had to force myself to finish it.

1 star – Did not finish. Reading is supposed to be fun, it’s not worth this much effort for a badly written story.