Umm, the website needs some work!

In case you just found my site, it’s definitely a work in progress. I really haven’t done much with it for a couple of years, if ever. I’ve got to shake off the dust, and update for who I am now.

I will probably start posting more science and learning disability content, as I have the spoons for it.

It’s a bit funny, the picture of me on here is from several years ago, and I had a migraine so bad that day it was hard to see and walk. I’ve learned quite a bit since then about myself, and those types of migraines are only occasional for me anymore, and no longer 30% of my life!

Maybe I will get this updated and polished before Twitter fully crashes? We will see!

It’s been a year…

It’s been about a year now since my last post here. All those plans I had? Yeah, none of those worked out.

It’s now spring, with gradually warming days that are getting longer and longer, as is the very long list of tasks that MUST BE COMPLETED RIGHT NOW!

I’m trying, I really am. I WILL get some writing done, one way or another. So many stories are rattling around in my noggin that I find it hard to choose which to commit my time and energy to express.

The fantasy serial I currently have up is a bit stalled, but not because I don’t have more story there! I have so much outline and planned with it, but then new projects are also demanding attention.

And I really need to get a regular newsletter kicking…

Alright, back to work now.

Best Laid Plans…

I had all these great plans for March. I was going to get the next episode published for my Empire of Justice serial, and I was going to launch my gaslamp fantasy serial. Ha!

A picture of one of my pups, just for fun!

On March 2nd, my lungs felt like I inhaled a whole campfire. No fever, and no cough (at first), so my doctor didn’t think it was anything to worry about. By March 4th, I was in the ER due to difficulties breathing. The ER doctor thought maybe I was just having an anxiety attack and hyperventilating, but did not ask me anything about my emotional state, nor observe my demeanor.

By that weekend, I was really struggling, but since my oxygen stats were in the normal range, there was really nothing that could be done besides just sit as still as possible to keep my heart rate under 110 bpm. Still no fever, but dang, the cough was awful!

I am just now able to walk around the house without gasping, and if there is a coughing fit in the morning I am worn out all day long. I feel a bit better one day, and then the next I am down again. It is a very slow process to improve. I still do not know if I have the Covid-19, since tests are so few in number, I only had “mild” symptoms, did not travel, and do not know specifically who I might have gotten it from. I guess I have to wait until they have antibody tests to see if that’s what this mess was.

So, I am just now able to focus enough to even begin to re-work my publishing and writing schedule, not to mention day job activities. I am very, very lucky that most of my work can be done remotely. Even if businesses were all open, I do not really have the energy to shower and become presentable for the world.

For those of you who are now so bored you are reading an unknown author and then followed up by checking out my website, Welcome! If you would like to sign up for my newsletter, I swear I won’t spam you. If anything, I do not send out emails often enough. (I really need to get better at that…)

Updating this website is still on the to-do list. Now that I am marginally better, I have so much on that list!

Take it easy on yourselves in this time of crisis, and, hopefully, I will have new stuff for you soon!