I swear, I really will get this updated!

My contact information is accurate, barring any weird glitches. The rest, well, that’s hit or miss.

Episode 5 of The Empire of Justice, “Dragon’s Daughter”, will be released in March 2020.

I am also beginning a gaslamp fantasy that will be released this summer maybe? It depends on if I have another car accident, or another family member needs surgery, or if I fall down and sprain my collarbone again.

It’s been a busy, stressful year, hence the delay in publishing.

So, welcome to my clumsy website!

Updating the site

I will be updating and fixing up the website over the next three weeks.

I was planning on keeping on top of everything, but best laid plans and all. This summer has been a chaotic mess of surgeries, surprise dental issues (wisdom teeth removal for one of my kids), mother-in-law medical issues, a car accident (not my fault!), and the vet telling us we really need to be considering quality of life for our oldest dog.

With all of this chaos, the website has been low on the priority list, as has my newsletter. Both will receive more attention over the next month as the fall routine sets in.

At least, that is my current “best laid plan”. We will see how it goes!

The complete Season 1 is available!

The complete first season is available now on Amazon. Here is the link, depending on your country: US (amazon.com), amazon.ca, amazon.co.uk.
Here is a quick bit on what it is about:

Raxad betrayed the Empire and all that he was to save his brother.
He failed.
Punished for his betrayal, his torment lasts for thousands of years until he is freed by a child mage. Wanting only to be done with duty, he still must make a vow to a strange man to free himself and the boy.
In his escape, he rescues a kidnapped princess, plunging him into a world of politics and intrigue, the strings of Fate snaring him tightly.
Navigating this world is dangerous, especially for the child who did nothing wrong besides save Raxad. Can he save this child and free himself from the tangles of this strange place?
Betrayer Awakened is an epic, sword and sorcery fantasy told in a serial, episodic format. Expect cliffhangers, action, and complex world-building!

What is your preferred way to get new books? Amazon Kindle and/or Kindle Unlimited? Kobo? ibooks? Free sites like ProlificWorks? I am looking at taking my stuff wide, but I have not yet decided.

Now with the new year, I really need to keep up on posting regularly. I let myself get distracted by the holidays, and just didn’t put up much. Eh, it happens. I will do better!