Blog Ideas (AKA Screaming into the Void)

What should be in a blog post for a writer?

I do not yet have wisdom to share with other writers on “how it’s done” since I myself am just now testing the waters. There is so much competing information on how to be a writer, indie or traditional, that just sorting out what is currently in existence is difficult. I know one item for certain: If a representative of a business contacts me and offers their service, for a fee, I know they probably need me more than I need them.

I could write about my life, but it is pretty quiet. I read, I write some, I edit, and do other work to help pay the bills. The most interesting parts of my day usually involve either my dogs, or my interaction in the lives others. I can only discuss my life, not theirs, and the shenanigans my dogs partake in are mostly barking at people or wildlife walking past. Sometimes, our 11-year-old dog does “the floor is lava” because of some dementia and shadows on the floor, but is that really blog-worthy?

Speaking of wildlife, perhaps I should post regular pictures of the animals that wander past our house, or that I see when I am out hiking. That is mostly deer and turkeys, so not that interesting, either.

You can see why I needed to create an elaborate fictional universe, right? So maybe I should try some short stories or snippets of the lives of the people who inhabit the universe of Fate and Chance, where the Betrayer lives. That sounds kind of like a Patreon-type activity though, doesn’t it?

Maybe all of these ideas can work. Or none of them. I am still testing this all out. Mostly, I need to post more often, and eventually I will not just be screaming into the void.

(I really should start putting a copyright label on stuff. BTW, yes, this is copyrighted, even though I am just rambling…)



Testing out 2nd person

A short story, to be told in 2nd person perspective idea…


You have always known you were special. “It” would happen to you, someday. It was almost like you could see some hint of the future, of what was to come.

You waited and watched, knowing all the doubters, the criticizers, and all the others would regret their words once “it” happened to you. You knew “it” would make you famous, though you did not know what “it” would be.

I have known others like you, the special ones waiting to be discovered and recognized. You remind me of some of the old, blooded royalty.

You know you deserve it.

You are special.

You are one of the few I can eat!

And wear. And become.

If you had your own accomplishments, I could not.

If you had been doing something, anything, with your life, I could not. You had to be only waiting, waiting for it, for me to find you.

Now I will eat you and wear your face. All those who you judged and scoffed at, and whose advice you ignored, they will all envy ME! I will do so much, become so powerful, and everyone will be so happy that “I” have found my direction in life, and chose to do so much to make an impact on the world.

They will give buildings and honors to your name, all for me!

No one will even notice that it is not you. Because you were only waiting, and waiting, and not doing, no one can tell the difference. If you have done just one thing, made an impact on one life on your own, I could not do it. They would see through the façade and see that I was different than you.

But you didn’t. You did not make your choices, content allow others to choose for you, and complain that you deserved more. And, until I become you, no one will agree.