Blog Ideas (AKA Screaming into the Void)

What should be in a blog post for a writer?

I do not yet have wisdom to share with other writers on “how it’s done” since I myself am just now testing the waters. There is so much competing information on how to be a writer, indie or traditional, that just sorting out what is currently in existence is difficult. I know one item for certain: If a representative of a business contacts me and offers their service, for a fee, I know they probably need me more than I need them.

I could write about my life, but it is pretty quiet. I read, I write some, I edit, and do other work to help pay the bills. The most interesting parts of my day usually involve either my dogs, or my interaction in the lives others. I can only discuss my life, not theirs, and the shenanigans my dogs partake in are mostly barking at people or wildlife walking past. Sometimes, our 11-year-old dog does “the floor is lava” because of some dementia and shadows on the floor, but is that really blog-worthy?

Speaking of wildlife, perhaps I should post regular pictures of the animals that wander past our house, or that I see when I am out hiking. That is mostly deer and turkeys, so not that interesting, either.

You can see why I needed to create an elaborate fictional universe, right? So maybe I should try some short stories or snippets of the lives of the people who inhabit the universe of Fate and Chance, where the Betrayer lives. That sounds kind of like a Patreon-type activity though, doesn’t it?

Maybe all of these ideas can work. Or none of them. I am still testing this all out. Mostly, I need to post more often, and eventually I will not just be screaming into the void.

(I really should start putting a copyright label on stuff. BTW, yes, this is copyrighted, even though I am just rambling…)



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