Carrying Water in Your Hands

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There is so much I want to do, in regards to writing and life, but how much can I do before it becomes too much? I often picture myself carrying water in my hands when I have too many items on the to-do list. If I move too fast, the water spills. If I try to carry too much, it spills. Slow, steady, and deliberate may not always come easy to me, but it is necessary to carry that water and reach the goals I set for myself.

For my nascent writing career, I want to do so much.

I have this main Criaad world story that you can see the beginnings of, as well as three other large worlds to initiate. For just this first one, I have at least nine seasons of six episodes each to write, as well as another small series within it featuring another character. There are also several novellas in my head, and some short stories to develop the world. Each mentioned location or person already has a backstory, but does it truly exist before the words are on the page?

Partly to keep myself moving forward, I have also set the goal to blog every day. These include set topics, like character short stories and little bits of world building, and topics (like today’s) that strike me for the day, in the Thoughts & Musings. For my own sanity, I really should have these done ahead of time and then set to release as the day begins, but I am not yet that organized or prepare. Someday, right? (Just like I will have that junk drawer cleaned and all my email inboxes sorted…)

Because I first started as a reader, I want to continue to do that, too. My Saturday post is a book review, which means I must read a book each week. I am a fast reader, so that is not an issue. Guilt is. I have so many things to do that the fun and easy part, reading a novel, seems like not-work, so it gets put on the back burner. Having a weekly post requires me to do something fun, maybe with a bit less guilt.

Another time sink is learning how to set up all this stuff, from a website, advertising, reader magnets, newsletters, and all that stuff, as well as responding to my duties to other writers. (I volunteered to do a beta read for someone, but that story is not in my preferred genres nor writing style, so it’s more work, less fun than I had hoped. Still got to finish that…) I was asked if I was going to set up a Patreon, and now I am wondering if that might be a better place to release the serials, and then only publish the full bundled season on Amazon. For now, it’s a no, but that is because I can only carry so much water at once.

(As a side note, if you did sign up for my newsletter, or at least click on the form, and found stuff weird or wonky, please let me know! I am still working out the kinks, so the regular newsletter won’t be out until January, and then only once a month. One more drop of water to carry…)

Since the writing career is still in its infancy, it is more hobby that career. That means day job, and the people there who depend on me to complete my tasks. More water. Plus, I have family and friends and pets, which I cannot neglect, or else what is all this for? Another drop or two.

How do I prioritize what needs to be done first? By the time it takes? The urgency? How many people are depending on me? At this point, very few are waiting in breathless anticipation of my next words or publication, so should I ignore those to spend the energy on other tasks? But if I do that, then the fans will never grow? This is one more component to the carrying water. Every time you change direction, the water can spill. You do so too much, and you have to start back at the well.

I have a plan, and I refer to it anytime I see too many places I need to take the water I am struggling to carry in my hands. Slowly, steadily, and deliberately, I make my next steps, until I reach my destination. Otherwise, I will only be Tantalus, and success will be forever out of reach.

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